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A Year of Mindful Living December - Contentment

“Until you make peace with who you are you will never be content with what you have.” Doris Mortman

December can be such a stressful month with all the holiday expectations, family demands, and the commercial push to do more, be more, buy more!

Phew, I’m exhausted just writing that!

I believe this last month of our ‘year of mindful living’, invites us to stop and observe the changes we’ve made.The tiny shifts of awareness and perhaps a new perspective of how to slow down and appreciate life more. So, we’re finishing the year focusing on Contentment. By contentment, I simply mean feeling satisfied and secure with what I have, what I am and where I’m going in this moment. Knowing things can change at any time but feel now is perfect. As I look over the last year of stories I’ve shared, I discovered my own awareness and ability to be present in life increased dramatically! As I’ve practiced my own mindfulness, I experienced myself and life differently more content. I noticed that when I was ruminating or regretting something, worrying or planning I was either in the past or the future, not present in the moment. If I desired more peace and contentment it meant practicing and experiencing more Self-presence. So, I began in small increments; while driving, preparing a meal, walking, folding laundry, listening. As I played with my own external awareness, I noticed myself paying more attention to my own internal awareness. Curiosity made me wonder what would happen if I became more patient and present with parts of me I judged and disliked, parts that often hijacked me and often left me wondering, “who the heck just said or did that?” I really listened to my stories, concerns, worries and reasons for reacting in ways that didn’t align with who I knew myself to be.

I needed my own presence and as I began to understand the motives of those parts, I offered them calm, comfort, caring compassion and understanding. A peace and contentment began filling me up as if I were pouring a warm cup of love into my body.

Here are a few simple lessons I’ve learned about contentment. Show Humility – When I do boring household chores, I remind myself they’re in service of my family and I’m thankful to have family close by. Recognize Enough – I appreciate what I have now, focusing on what is present and trusting it is exactly what I need right now to keep moving forward and growing. Simplify Life – I gave up what I didn’t need anymore. Material things, toxic relationships, stressful situations and added in some free days to spend spontaneously to create or rest. Have Fun – I’ve learned not to take life so seriously! Be silly and playful. Be open to new experiences and challenges that offer a sense of peace. Playing and working with the horses have certainly been more fun! Make Room for Quiet – Connecting with what was inside better prepared me to deal with the external world with calmness and peace. Our inner voice has something to say and is a reliable compass once we can turn off the noisy, messy distracting sounds of life. Trust it! Thank you for being on this journey with me this year. I respect and am honored you’ve allowed me into your inbox. In the new year.......

“May You Be Happy. May You Be Well. May You Be Safe. May You Be Peaceful and At Ease."

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