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A Year of Mindful Living October - Courage & Confidence

Courage can be a hard quality to call forth when we are fearful of the unknown. What I’ve discovered working with hundreds of clients, is one of the most challenging and courageous journeys’, is the one inward. Many don’t know how or where to begin an exploration of the journey inward. So, this beautiful fall month our focus is on courage and the confidence that grows from calling it forth.

The original definition of courage, when it first came into the English language – was from the Latin word “cour”, meaning heart – and the original definition was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. Most people, when asked what it would be like if they showed up in their lives, relationships, and jobs minus the masks, filters and facades…… how would their life be different? Many would laugh and say no way, there would be chaos, disappointment, broken relationships and I would be alone, abandoned and unloved. Sharing yourself with your whole heart can be one of the scariest journey’s we embark upon! As I have walked this path with many, I’ve witnessed how liberating, confident and joyful these courageous humans become once they know and understand their inner landscape. It starts with self-awareness and becoming curious about the various parts of ourselves that show up and are easily triggered. The critic, anger, shame, fear, rebellion, the know it all, the saboteur, self-doubter, judger, anxiety, annoyed, defensive, envious, guilt, grief, frustration, jealous, sad, stressed, worried just to name a few. In addition, sometimes two very different parts at complete odds with each other. They argue, debate and send mixed messages playing tug of war with us while keeping us exhausted and frozen. There’s not one thing wrong with any of these parts which can show up randomly and catch us off guard. They reside in all of our lives as caretakers, managers and protectors…..often showing up as hurt, wounded younger parts of ourselves that are wanting to be seen, heard and loved. The journey inward to build a relationship with ourselves begins when we observe, witness and befriend these young parts of us with our whole hearts offering understanding, support, compassion, love and self-assurance. So how do we do that??? We begin by observing our own energy and awareness of how we show up, react, respond, fight, flew or freeze. Within each of us, there are numerous voices that compete for our attention. However, there is one true inner voice which supports, encourages, gives hope, and pushes us to trust and believes in ourselves, the speaker of truth……the true SELF. The more we witness and offer these various parts of us an opportunity to be accepted and healed trust begins to build with the SELF leadership. The more we listen the stronger the alliance with SELF becomes and confidence within is restored.

Playing in the round pen with a horse is a fun, safe and comfortable way to witness our various parts and energy while practicing a new relationship with them. I love accompanying this sacred journey with humans, with the help of our horse friends or just one on one coaching! If this sounds inviting to you please reach out!

With Heart, Pam

month our focus is on courage and

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