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A Year of Mindful Living June - Joy

I have many big things in my life to be joyful for right now. I have a new grand-baby born just a few days ago, a new addition in my business Mane Wisdom - Equine Facilitated Coaching, a new business partner helping make this come true, my new horse friends, the amazing humans I get to share them with and my brand new website!

So, it got me to thinking about when life isn't full of big new things, then what? So I decided for June to mindfully focus on Joy.

It’s easy to experience joy when something big and exciting happens in our lives; a new addition to the family, landing a new job, the start of summer vacation, but is it possible to feel joy consistently even when we have daily chores, commitments and responsibilities? My teacher and mentor Dr. Martha Beck, says absolutely! In her book “The Joy Diet” by adding 10 daily ingredients into our lives, we can cultivate our own soulful joy.

  • Nothing – Do nothing for fifteen minutes a day. Stop mindlessly chasing goals and to-do lists and decide which goals are worth pursuing.

  • Truth – Create a moment of truth by asking yourself; What am I feeling? What is the painful story I’m telling? Is it true? Is the painful story working? Can I think of another story that might work better?

  • Desire – Identify and explore one of your heart’s desires and give yourself permission to want what you want.

  • Creativity – Everyday write down one new concrete idea that will help you obtain something your heart desires.

  • Risk – Do at least one scary step that contributes to the fulfillment of your desire.

  • Treats – (my favorite!) Give yourself at least three really good treats; one for the risk you took, and two just because you’re you. No exceptions, no excuses.

  • Play – Don’t forget to play every day. Life is a game. Shift from a narrow view to an eagle view and have fun playing.

  • Laughter – Laugh at least thirty times a day. Laugh for no reason, laugh at yourself, use props, watch funny animal videos.

  • Connection – Use the first five skills in the joy diet above in at least one interaction with a person who is important in your life.

  • Feasting – Enjoy at least three-square feasts a day with or without food. Feast on celebration, love, rest & relaxation, let yourself be nourished and have gratitude.

Every item here contributes something invaluable to your life. All that’s required is a commitment to your own well-being and a desire to experience joy everyday even in the midst of daily chores, commitments and responsibilities. Start by adding just one small step each day! In Gratitude, Pam

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