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A Year of Mindful Living April - Creativity

"Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart."

– Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

"Silence -The Sound of Inner Peace" by Britten

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Nature demonstrates how it creates effortlessly. Trees begin to bud, flowers bloom, the grass becomes greener and the weather feels fresh and light with anticipation. It is a season of creation. So, for the month of April the focus of our year of mindfulness is: Creativity. We are all creative beings! Looking back on my life I never would have guessed I'd create where I am now. I've had many different turns I never saw coming! I never intended creating the path I took and where it appears to be now. Starting my education and career later in life, while parenting three kids, surprised me! Even when I decided to go back to school I didn’t have an end goal in mind. Only to make it through each class without looking like an idiot i in the midst of 18-20 somethings.

What I didn’t realize was, I was creating my future one day/one small decision at a time. Somehow, I was tapping into spirit, trusting my intuition and being guided.

I just didn’t know exactly what I was creating!

I pursued an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree then a master’s degree with no business plan in mind. I worked as a therapist with associates, then decided to open my own private practice, closing it just six years later.

Life Coaching sounded fun! So, I just went with what felt joyful and satisfying and focused on that, then……. equine coaching, finally certification!

Coaching/therapy with horses? What???

If anyone had told me all this at 20, I would have laughed and thought they were nuts!

Now, where am I going to find a horse and a ranch?

Well……the universe had all that lined up too!

Synchronicity??? YES. My new friend Kit Weis and I, connected through a curious email sent on a whim, and we are now creating as fast as we can to make two visions merge.

The Twisted Tree Ranch, Zen Horse and Mane Wisdom are taking form as I write this.

Being creative can apply to almost anything; career, solving a problem, mending a relationship, cooking, gardening, playing with your kids, constructing a project, planning an event, creating your thoughts…. being human is being creative.

Creativity is seeing the intersection of seemingly unrelated topics and combining them into something new.

So, this month be mindful of your relationship to your own innate creativity and watch what new things emerge.

In Gratitude, Pam

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