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Coming Out of the Closet!

I’ve been on a journey for a long time. Seeking appears to be my life passion although often I never know where it is going to take me. Some places have been dark and scary over the years while others have opened my eyes and heart to new insights, perceptions and realities. Writing this first blog is one of the many paths I’ve ventured on in this journey of mine. It may appear like a small step, but for me it signifies a huge leap of faith in myself and the universe.

How we approach transitions can be as difficult as swimming upstream through rapids while swallowing gallons of water or it can be as effortless as the changing colors of the seasons. I’ve fallen somewhere on the transition spectrum……I usually try to swim upstream while wishing I was a tree on the side changing colors!

In the past, like most of us, I’ve gotten hijacked by fearful worrisome thoughts about how others will perceive or judge me. However, this time I trusted my inner guidance instead of my lizard brain that freaks at the slightest side step from what it defines as acceptable behavior. You see my inner wisdom, just like yours, never steers us wrong. We just need to read the signs along the journey to know when and how to become our most truly authentic selves.

I began by questioning the thoughts and stories my lizard brain seemed to manufacture at lightning speed.

I slowed myself way down to be quiet, present and sharpen my self-awareness.

I spent time alone and in nature rediscovering what made me feel connected to my body and spirit.

Slowing down allowed me to pay close attention to the road signs along the way. Sometimes they were subtle and other times I ran right into them knocking them over.

It became a dance of listening to my inner wisdom and a tango with my inner lizard (aka fear). After a while there is a crossroads we all come to at some point. Do we go left, right, straight or stand still? I stood still for a long while not sure which way to go……….then something began to change.

The road signs appeared connected, the ones within and the ones on my external path! I couldn’t hide anymore or I would begin to disappear into the person I thought everyone needed or wanted me to be. So I became intentional about asking myself some challenging questions;

Who do I want to be and am I already living and being some of that vision?

Why do I hide parts of myself from others?

Why am I so fearful of being open and vulnerable?

Why do I withhold those sacred parts of myself?

What is the worst that could happen if I showed up in the world with all of my parts and be completely transparent?

What is the best that could happen if I was authentically all of me?

Who exactly am I without the job, the credentials, the roles, the relationships and the stories?

What kind of energy do I bring into the world?

How do I want to bring more intentional energy into my world, my relationships and my calling to support others on their journey?

The beauty of these questions is they really allowed me to know myself more authentically and honor all parts of myself. So to the wonderfully kind and intuitive friend who lovingly asked me the question, “So……when are you going to come out of the closet?”…….my spiritual and most sacred parts send an ocean of gratitude and appreciation!

Would you like to take your next step? Begin by asking yourself these questions or some version of your own! You see, you are actually the one you’ve been waiting for to change whatever area of your life is not working for you and what I know for certain is, you will begin to shift. As you spend time with those parts of yourself that you’ve locked away in your closet they will begin to be seen, heard, understood and know that they matter.

Mine do and I suspect you will see and hear from them quite often from here on out! Please leave a comment below.

In Gratitude,


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