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Happy Clients


"Pam is a consummate coach who brings a wealth of training and experience to her work.  She combines a highly intuitive, artful coaching style with a solid grounding in research and professionalism.  Pam has a deep sense of the human experience, and a masterful approach to grief and trauma recovery. She will connect with you at a heart level and go to work with you on changing your perspective, your patterns, and your expectation of joy.  And, working with Pam and her horses is a true gift!  If you have a chance to experience an equine encounter with her, take it!"

Trish Ring, Ph.D.


"Pam’s approach has been instrumental in my personal and professional life. It has been life changing. Not only did she help me heal and correct broken thought processes, she has been able to help me reach past old hurtful road blocks that interfered with daily living. Using her approach, I have been able to move past those blocks in my personal and professional world to live life more fully, truly learn to like myself and value the gifts that I have been given. The time I have spent working with her has made me stronger, smarter, and gentler with my own heart and a much more confident woman. Thank you Pam for helping me accept and embrace the beautiful person inside."


Laurie Bartlett RN, BSN


"Pam is an exceptionally clear, warm, and nurturing coach who approaches her work with clarity and compassion. By sharing these qualities with her clients, she creates the space they need to be curious with the challenges and parts of themselves that might sometimes get in the way of promoting change. Pam also adds elements of wisdom and insight that allows those stuck parts to feel safe enough to abandon their fears which leads to authentic living. Through Pam's quiet courage, others have discovered how to unfold their inner strengths, breaking down those barriers to be more Self-led."


Jennifer Gauvain, LCSW


"Pam is a natural and gifted coach with a tremendous amount of insight and perception in regards to the human spirit. Throughout our many sessions, I always felt safe, supported, heard, and motivated. Her gentle and caring guidance has led me on a wonderful new path of connecting with my inner self, which has been an amazing journey of “self discovery”!

Julie Hohl, Entrepreneur

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"Pam has been a wonderful mentor. She has had such an positive impact on my life both personally and professionally. I have learned so much from her vast knowledge and experience in helping people. Having her as my mentor has been so amazing because she genuinely cares about everyone she works with and is invested in helping them reach their goals. Without her guidance, I would not be where I am today."

Megan Hopkins, LPC


"Pam is exactly who you need to help you discover more peace, contentment and enjoyment in your life.  Being in the care of her genuine compassion, wisdom, gentleness and calm allows you to feel enveloped in a safe cocoon.  Her authenticity provides the safety and security you need to look to your core for what you need.  She believes everyone has the ability to connect with who they are and who they want to be while aligning with their true self.  When the journey is difficult she will gently hold your vulnerabilities until insight, confidence and clarity are discovered.  I have experienced her softness, skill and safety and have never felt more nurtured or empowered than in those times."

Becky Byrne RN, CT Executive Director
Annie's Hope-The Berevament Center for Kids


I have had the good fortune to work with Pam over the last few years as I have dealt with both career and relationship transitions.  With Pam’s help, I am learning to stop looking externally for answers and rely on myself for direction.  Her support through my divorce was immeasurable and allowed me to move to a more authentic place in my life.  I am more successful in understanding my needs and creating boundaries with others that help me meet my needs in a healthy way.    As I continue to transition into new  relationships and grow in my relationships with my children, I am happy to know that I have Pam’s coaching as a guidepost.

Connie Ribaudo Ladd
Manager, Colocation Program Operations


Pam worked with us for several years as facilitator of our Case Consultation Group for principals and also facilitated my school Care Team for several years. I found Pam to be warm and caring with the principals and teachers she worked with.  She is a good listener, counselor, coach and guide.  Pam is knowledgeable and always allowed us to problem solve as a group yet added to our discussion from her knowledge and vast experience.  We could always look to her for guidance and coaching assistance.

Sister Mary Lawrence, SSND
Principal, Christ Light of the Nations

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